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Rice Lake Animal Hospital

9333 County Road 28
Bailieboro, ON K0L1B0

Phone: (905) 797-2182
Fax: 905-797-3269
Email: [email protected]

After Hours Care

If you have an emergency or require care after hours or on holidays, please use our telemedicine service, SmartVet.

Visit and register an account to request an appointment with a veterinarian, or call 647-695-5411 to speak to a technician who can triage and assist with booking a virtual consultation with a veterinarian. 

Rice Lake Animal Hospital Return Policy

Medications in any format and in any type of packaging cannot be returned.

We are happy to safely dispose of your pet medication.

Food in any format and in any type of packaging cannot be returned.

Please contact us for any quality or palatability questions or concerns regarding your pet food.

Thank you for your understanding

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Rice Lake Animal Hospital


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "My dog had a 1 inch cut on his throat and was bleeding. i was in panic mode and called them. Then girl said we are very busy but be here for 5:30 and the vet will look after him. Every one was very welcoming to me and my dog that explained every and costs before they did anything. I have been to other vets and i can say they totally made my day and pricing was very fair . THANK YOU KENN"
    Kenneth H.
  • "I had to share this. I went to Rice Lake Animal Hospital this morning to pick up meds for Mack and Candy. When I arrived there were some people there with their little dog that had an injured paw. The office was closed for the holiday weekend. These people were staying at Southview Cottages and didn't know what to do. I was in the process of telling them about an emergency vet not too far away when a vehicle came in. Around the corner came Dr. Susan Gambling and her little dog. She opened up her office to help these people with their little dog. Not many would do this. This is why I love Rice Lake Animal Hospital �
    I hope the little dog was ok."
    Cheryl A.