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Dr. Sorin Diacicov-Negrini

Dr. Sorin Diacicov-Negrini is a veterinarian in Bailieboro. 

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Bailieboro Veterinarian

Dr. Sorin

Dr. Sorin was born and raised in Transylvania. He comes from a mixed Cossack Ukrainian and Romanian family. His maternal grandfather was a well-known and respected veterinarian so Dr. Sorin inherited his passion and dedication to animal welfare from him. Dr. Sorin studied veterinary medicine in Cluj-Napoca and worked in small and large animal clinics for five years in Europe before deciding to come to Canada. Here, he went back to school for relicensing and, after several courses and exams in Guelph, he received his DVM designation in Canada.

Dr. Sorin is dedicated to providing the best available care for his patients so, whenever he is not in the clinic, he is reading medical literature or attending continuous education events. Whenever he has a little spare time, Dr. Sorin enjoys spending it with his wife and their daughter who is a phenomenal figure skater. He also loves to keep in shape, practising grappling sports (judo and Jiu-jitsu) and boxing. He loves to read not only veterinary books but also science fiction literature.

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